Barnard College

AFRS BC 3589y Black Feminism(s)/Womanism(s)

What is Black feminism? What is womanism? How do we define Black feminist and womanist thought and praxis? In what ways do Black feminists and womanists challenge European-American/Western feminist constructions and African-American nationalist ideologies? In this course we will utilize Patricia Hill Collins' seminal work, Black Sexual Politics: African Americans, Gender and the New Racism, as the core theoretical framework for our exploration and analysis of key dimensions of contemporary U.S. popular culture. We will specifically address how the work of African-American artists/scholars/activists critiques sexism, racism, classism, heterosexism and ethnocentrism within the U.S. context. In addition, we will analyze how Black feminists/womanists frame and interrogate the politics of race, gender, socioeconomic status, and sexuality in the United States during the contemporary era. In order to examine Black feminism(s) and womanism(s) in popular culture from myriad perspectives, the required readings for this course reflect a variety of disciplinary backgrounds, as well as a range of genres (e.g., essay, visual art, documentary, film, music video, and song). For this course, students will write 2 (5-7-page) essays and 1 (12-15-page) research paper. In addition to the written assignments and class participation, groups of students will co-lead selected class discussions. - C. Naylor
Prerequisites: Permission of the Instructor BC: Fulfillment of General Education Requirement: Social Analysis (SOC I).. BC: Fulfillment of General Education Requirement: Social Analysis (SOC II).. Not offered in 2016-2017.
4 points