Barnard College

COMS W 4737x or y Biometrics

In this course. we will explore the latest advances in biometrics as well as the machine learning techniques behind them. Students will learn how these technologies work and how they are sometimes defeated. Grading will be based on homework assignments and a final project. There will be no midterm or final exam. This course shares lectures with COMS E6737. Students taking COMS E6737 are required to complete additional homework problems and undertake a more rigorous final project. Students will only be allowed to earn credit for COMS W4737 or COMS E6737 and not both. - P. Belhumeur
Prerequisites: a background at the sophomore level in computer science, engineering, or like discipline. BC: Fulfillment of General Education Requirement: Quantitative and Deductive Reasoning (QUA)..
3 points