Barnard College

EDUC BC 2055y Urban School Practicum

Consists of weekly class meetings combined with elementary, middle or high school classroom internship (depending on desired certification level). Students observe and apply theoretical principles of pedagogy to teaching and learning. Class meetings provide opportunities to reflect on internship and focus on instructional strategies and classroom management techniques. - Section 1: L. Edstrom; Section 2: M. Rivera Maulucci
Prerequisites: This course is a prerequisite for student teaching; Grade of B or better required to continue.
Enrollment is limited to students accepted into the Education Program (Urban Teaching or Educational Studies).
NYCDOE Fingerprinting will be required. Corequisites: Section 1, Elementary, EDUC BC2052; Section 2, Secondary, EDUC BC2062 for Urban Teaching program participants. Educational Studies students may take it alone. Meets for two hours per week, plus a minimum of six hours per week in the field.

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