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FILM BC 3200x and y Film Production

FALL: This workshop introduces the student to all the cinematic tools necessary to produce their own short narrative work. Using what the student has learned in film studies, we'll break down shot syntax, mise-en-scene and editing strategies and master them in weekly video exercises. We'll include casting, working with actors and expressive camera work in our process as we build toward a final video project. By the end of the course, the student will have created a DVD containing a collection of their video pieces and their final project. Priority given to junior and senior film majors. SPRING: (NOT OFFERED SPRING 2015) Most of us have been saturated in cinema throughout our lives. This workshop will unpack a variety of film forms, and help you to use it to create work that feels modern, surprising and uniquely expressive of your individual voice. Starting with the frame and time, we'll move on to basic film grammar, then explore time, space, sound and performance methods to fulfill the ideas your are exploring. By the end of the semester, you will have completed several short projects, one portrait/documentary piece and one complete narrative short.
Prerequisites: FILM BC3201 or equivalent. Sophomore standing. Interested students MUST attend the first day of class for instructor permission--registering for the course only through myBarnard or SSOL will NOT ensure your enrollment. BC: Fulfillment of General Education Requirement: The Visual and Performing Arts (ART)..
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Autumn 2015 :: FILM BC3200
W 2:10p - 5:00p
S. Luckow 30 [ More Info ]