Barnard College

WMST BC 3121x Black Women in America

Examines roles of black women in the U.S. as thinkers, activists and creators during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Focusing on the intellectual work, social activism and cultural expression of African American women, we examine how they understood their lives, resisted oppression and struggled to change society. We will also discuss theoretical frameworks (such as "double jeopardy," or "intersectionality") developed for the study of black women. The seminar will encourage students to pay particular attention to the diversity of black women and critical issues facing Black women today. This course is the same as AFRS BC3121 Black Women in America. - K. Hall
Prerequisites: Students must attend first day of class and admission will be decided then. Enrollment limited to 20 students. BC: Fulfillment of General Education Requirement: Historical Studies (HIS).. Not offered in 2016-2017.
4 points